[Short Fiction] Missing You

missing you


  • Peniel and Sungjae BTOB


A warm soup will never warm a cold soul. Sungjae just finish his dinner with his only brother Peniel. Both of them were silent and still wore black t-shirt that they wore at the funeral. Their mother just went back to heaven at the age of 60.

It was happen a few days ago when their mother was taking a nap at noon. Sungjae was the only one at home at that time when he realized that his mother didn’t wake up until night came.


Sungjae brought his mother to the hospital worriedly. While the doctor checked his mother condition, Sungjae called Peniel who currently work on Japan.


“Sungjae-ya, is something happen?” Peniel answered the call fast. “Mother hasn’t wake up yet since evening, hyung. I’m currently at the hospital.” Sungjae’s voice was shaking. “Mother will be fine, Sungjae-ya, I think she is just getting a little cold.” Peniel tried to make Sungjae calm. “I’ll be back tomorrow then. Luckily, my work has just finished, Sungjae-ya.”


“Come back home soon, hyung.” Sungjae closed his call and kept waiting the doctor to come out from the room. A few minutes later, the doctor that checking his mother condition came out. “Are you her son?” asked the doctor. “Yes, I’m. Is my mother alright?” asked Sungjae directly. “I’m sorry about her, Sungjae-ya, but she already gone.”


“You must be kidding, doctor…She was fine this morning and even eats lunch normally with me…” The doctor kept his head down while Sungjae is talking. “I’m sorry, Sungjae-ya,” said the doctor again to him. Sungjae couldn’t believe the fact and went inside the room.


His mother body and face has been covered by a blanket. There were 2 nurses near the bed that just finished tidy up the equipment. Sungjae walked closely and opened the blanket to look his mother face for the last time. Her face already pale and showing an angelic smile despite the sadness that Sungjae felt. Sungjae cried out loud and calling her name several times. He still can’t believe that his mother will be gone suddenly.




Peniel was arrived at the airport on the evening and went straight to the funeral house. He brought all of his belonging that he brought form Japan with him. When he arrived at the funeral house, all of his relatives were in silence while looking at Sungjae who still sitting in front of his mother photo and kept crying on his position.


“Sungjae-ya!” Sungjae turned around and got a hug from Peniel right away. “Hyung…” Sungjae couldn’t stop crying even his brother already arrived from Japan.




“Are you really fine, Sungjae-ya?” Peniel got another job to be done at Japan a few days later. He was worried about Sungjae since he still couldn’t let his sad feeling gone. Sungjae was closer to their mother than Peniel because Peniel always work overseas while Sungjae still finished her studies. “I’ll be fine, hyung. Don’t worry.” Sungjae smiled a little bit.


“Just call me if you need anything, Sungjae-ya. Arraseo?” Sungjae nod and smile a little bit.


The next day, Peniel fly to Japan and would stay for 3 days. It was on the afternoon when Sungjae will be off to the university. Before he left the house, he went to his mother room and look at their photo together which his mother has on a table near the bed. She was smile beautifully and her eyes gaze were showing infinitely love. She was wearing a cream sweater while touching his shoulder.


Sungjae decided to walk around the room before he left the room and locked the door. He walked pass the kitchen and reminisce her mother voice which told him to not coming late to his class. He was smiling sadly and walked to the front door. He wore his shoes slowly and turned around to look at the empty room. Usually, his mother will walk behind his back to send him off every time he went to his classes at noon.


Don’t worry eomma, I’ll do well for you.




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