[Part 1 of 3] Evening Sky – Her Secret




  • Lee Sungmin
  • Lee Sunkyu – Sunny SNSD
  • Lee HyunAe
  • Ailee Lee
  • Other hidden cast

It was a cold night in Seaside Village, a village that located near the dragon tears sea. The autumn almost over in 10 days. While waiting for winter season, families already preparing their plan for christmas eventhought its still October.


Wearing a brown leather jacket with a brown boots, a girl was walking fast through the sidewalk to a house that has number 9 that written on the mailbox in front of it. She rushly open the front door and close the door right away. The loud sound from the tv can be heard from the living room.


While that girl was throwing her boots randomly on the carpet, she got called from the living room right away. “HyunAe-ya! Didn’t I told you to put your shoes on its place!” The girl that was still near the front door, right away put her boots on its place before she got caught. “I put it on its place, onnie!” shouted HyunAe to her older sister that still watching tv.


HyunAe walked to the living room and saw her onnie, Sunny, sitting on a sofa while watching a soap opera from the tv. There were a tissue box on the sofa next to her. Realizing about it, made HyunAe giggles secretly. Sunny who noticed that HyunAe was near her, gave her a glare right away.


“What are you looking at? Just stay away from here.” Said Sunny to HyunAe before she was back concentrating watching her soap opera. HyunAe walked away to the kitchen that was behind the living room to get some snack. While HyunAe was opened a fridge, she heard a sound from the front door that was being closed by someone. “Ailee onnie is that you?” shouted HyunAe loudly. Sunny threw a pillow right away to HyunAe and hit her butt.  “Aw!”


“Yes, I’m home HyunAe-ya.” Said Ailee as she walked to the kitchen, carrying a medium size plastic bag with her hand. “And I brought dinner!” “Yeay! Dinner!” shouted HyunAe happily while opening the plastic bag that Ailee has just put into dining table. Sunny that currently absord with her soap opera, got a little angry and threw another pillow to HyunAe. Unfortunately, Ailee got hit by it since HyunAe dodged it nicely.


“Ya! Sunny-ya! Why you hit me?” shouted Ailee angrily and slowly walking approaching. Sunny that heard Ailee was disturbing, she was throwing another pillow to Ailee right away. Ailee that can’t control her emotion anymore, grab the remote from a glass table and switch off the tv right at the highlight of the soap opera.


Sunny blink for a second a suddenly stood up and gave Ailee an angry glare. “You disturbing my time with my soap opera!” shouted Sunny angrily and walked away from Ailee to her room at the second floor. She passed HyunAe who sticking her tongue naughtily and made Sunny more angrily. As she step on the stairs, she made a loud step sound like a giant step. Ailee sighed a little and shouted to Sunny before she slammed the door.


“Just call your honey and make a soap opera together! You hear me?”




Sunny was reading a romance novel on her room. Her handphone was ringing suddenly. When she looked at it, it was Sungmin call. Since Sunny still absorbed with her novel, she ignored it and focused reading her novel. There was another call from Sungmin, and Sunny still ignored it. It continued until 3 more calls from Sungmin, and it’s still like that.


Sunny room was silent for 1 hour until someone knocked her door. “Onnie! Sunny onnie!” shouted HyunAe from the door. “Sungmin oppa is waiting downstairs!” she added. “Sungmin oppa said don’t forget to wear the dress that oppa bought, onnie.”


Sunny suddenly get up and sat on her bed with a shock face. She forgot that she needed to accompany Sungmin to a party. She threw her book nowhere and rushed to the bathroom in her room and took a quick bath.


On the other side, Sungmin was talking to Ailee about the party. HyunAe was stepping down from stairs alone and gain Sungmin and Ailee attention when she was approaching. “Sunny onnie is currently getting ready. She said she will coming down in a moment.” Lie HyunAe to them since she know what will happen if she told the truth. “Arraseo. Gomawo HyunAe-ya.” Sungmin smiled as he looked at HyunAe, making the girl blush. “Aigoo why should this girl blush~” said Ailee jokingly as HyunAe sat beside her.


“You’re lucky to come at this time, Sungmin-ssi. Its still one hour before the party and Sunny still getting ready for you, if you come 30 minute later she won’t be ready.” Ailee glanced creepily at HyunAe, noticing about her lie. HyunAe hide her face on a pillow as she feeling scared. Sungmin giggle secretly and pretended to be normal after that.


“Sungmin-ssi, I know its hard for you to be with Sunny. As her older sister, I’m really grateful that she can meet someone like you. I hope that both of you will be together forever.” Said Ailee dramatically as she held Sungmin’s hand and looked to his eyes. Sungmin just smile and nodded to Ailee word. “Aren’t you said too much, onnie?” HyunAe was mocking her sister right away. With her right hand, Ailee pinched HyunAe side. “Awh” said HyunAe with a glance at Ailee.


Enough seeing her onnie attitude, HyunAe put the pillow on her side and walked away to her room. While she was stepping on the stair, Sunny just finished her preparation and stepping down from above wearing a red mini dress with red high heels on her foot, with a red lipstick on her lips. Looking at her sister face, Sunny confused but didn’t ask anything to her. “Have fun at the party!” shouted HyunAe before she slammed the door. “Whats her problem actually.” She mumble secretly and stepping down to the stairs.




Sunny was walking down the stairs slowly. Sungmin and Ailee that were talking suddenly silent when they were hearing the sound of Sunny step from the stairs. When Sunny appeared from the corridor and entering the living room, both of them stunned since Sunny was really amusing with her dress. Both of them were standing up together and Sungmin was the only one who approached Sunny first. Ailee lost of words.


Sunny just gave them her smile. She then looked to Sungmin. “Shall we go now, oppa?” asked Sunny. “Ah okay. Lets go.” Sungmin back to his mind and gave Sunny an awkward smile. Ailee laughed slowly to broke the ice between them. “Hurry up, before you two were late,” said Ailee afterward to them as she then walking straight to the front door leading them.


Sungmin was offering his right hand to Sunny and Sunny grabbed it. Both of them were holding hands while following Ailee from behind. While Ailee standing near the door looking at them, she was staring at them jealously as both of them were passing her.


“Bye onnie!” shouted Sunny happily. “I’ll drive her back later, noona.” said Sungmin. “Have fun at the party, Sunny-ya, Sungmin-ssi.” Shouted Ailee from the door to Sunny and Sungmin, they were just getting into the car one by one. A few minute later, Sungmin’s car was rolling on the street, leaving Sunny’s house.




“I know that you were just getting ready when HyunAe-ah was calling you.” Said Sungmin opened a conversation to Sunny. “Did HyunAe-ah tell you that? I’m going to beat that girl later.” “Aniyo. Ailee noona tell me about that, Sunny-nie.” Answerred Sungmin to Sunny’s question while keep his eyes on the street. “You should stop beating HyunAe-ya. She’s your sister after all.” Sungmin stopped his car at the red traffic light on a fork. “She’s really annoying everytime she was near me.” Sunny defend herself.


Sungmin gave a little sighed. “I think HyunAe-ah doesn’t mean to disturb you. She’s the youngest in the house after all.” The traffic light already turned to green and Sungmin started move the car again. “Don’t defend her. She’ll be alright by herself.” “Arrasseo~” Sungmin lost to Sunny last sentences. They were silent after that and just focusing their sight to the street.




After a long drive, finally they arrived at the party. The party that they were attended was reunion party of their high school that being held at a famous restaurant in the town. Luckily, there were many empty parking on the parking lot since they arrived early. Only a few cars were park there.


After his car park nicely on the spot, he came out from the car first and walking to the Sunny’s door, opened the door and led his girl getting out from the car. After that, he closed the door, locked the car, and walked together as they were holding hands together into the restaurant.


When they were entering the restaurant, a man with the tuxedo was approaching them and greeting them with a smile. “Welcome to the ‘Fericiti’. Sungmin-ssi and Sunny-ssi.” “Hello, Park Jung Soo-ssi. Its nice to see you.” Sungmin smiled and gave him a slight bow along with Sunny. Jung Soo then lead the couple around the restaurant and greet the others.




“Onnie! Do you have an empty notebook?” asked HyunAe after she run from her room to the kitchen where Ailee was currently in there preparing dinner for both of them. “I don’t have any, HyunAe-ya.” Ailee’s answered make HyunAe sulky. HyunAe suddenly thought of something and walk away to Sunny’s room. Since Ailee still busy, she didn’t really care of what HyunAe currently up to.


HyunAe went to Sunny room secretly. Luckily, the door wasn’t lock so she can sneak inside the room. HyunAe was tiptoe into a desk and checking several of the books that was seen on the bookcase without touching any of it. “Which one was the empty notebook?” HyunAe mumbled to herself and grabbed a book with a leave blue cover. When she was pulling it from the bookcase, a folding paper fell from the bookcase. It seems that it was between the book she was holding with the other book. HyunAe noticed fall the paper took it from the floor.


“What is this?” asked HyunAe to herself. She opened the fold and realizing that was a letter from a hospital. Curiously, she read the content right away. Her expressions suddenly change to shock expression. She was lost at word after reading it, slowly she was took a step behind with her distracted mind. She turn back facing the door and finding Ailee was already standing at the door.


“What are you doing here? This isn’t your room.” Ailee was stared angrily to HyunAe. Still in her shock state, she was freezing while she was staring at Ailee. “Why are you looking at me like that? Are you shock that you…” “Ailee onnie you should read this letter!” shouted HyunAe suddenly as her hand that currently holding the letter was reaching out to Ailee.




It was 6 on the evening. People already gathered at the restaurant, having a little chit chat with one another as they laugh with some interesting topic that they were shared to each other. Sungmin and Sunny were walking around together greeted the other guest that had just come a few minutes after them.


“So, are you two will get married soon?” asked Donghae, the famous doctor in the town. “Actually, we haven’t thinking about marriage, Donghae-ssi.” Sungmin answered while looking at Sunny that was looking at the other way, seeing her friends just calling her to join them. “I will be there with the others,” said Sunny taking a glance at Sungmin and parting her hand from Sungmin, approaching her friends that were waiting for her.


Donghae sighed as he saw what just happen in front of him. “Have you asked her about that thing?” asked Donghae again. He grabbed a glass of campaigne that being carried by a servant on a tray around the party. “She always avoiding me whenever I want to ask her about that. Its like that she know about it, but she doesn’t want to talk about it.” Sungmin took a glass along with Donghae while answering it.


“You should talk about it before it’s too late, Sungmin-ssi.” “What do you mean? No one will take her from me now. She’s mine.” Sungmin was triggered by Donghae’s word. “Its not like what you think actually.” Donghae tried to explain things while suddenly a shout from Sunny’s group taking their attention.


“Wake up, Sunny-ah! Wake up!” shouted Tiffany, holding Sunny on her arms while the others were panic looking for doctor. Sungmin run passing the crowd fast and looking at the Sunny’s pale face in shocked. “Donghae-ssi! Please check her condition!” shouted Sungmin to Donghae that tried to passing the crowd. After break free, Donghae was going down to check Sunny’s breath and her pulse. “Bring her to the hospital now. I’ll tell the hospital right away.” Donghae instructed. “I… I’ll call the ambulance,” said Taeyeon. She then took her phone from her purse and dialed the ambulance number right away while Donghae called the hospital right away.


Tiffany was passing Sunny to Sungmin. “Will she be alright?” asked Tiffany worriedly. “She’s strong. She’ll be alright,” answered Sungmin with a forced smile. Donghae walked back to them after a few minute. “I’ve called the hospital and Ailee too. Ailee and HyunAe will go to the hospital right away.” Donghae explained.


“Why are you calling them too?” asked Sungmin curiously. “I think they should now about her real condition too other than you.” “Her real condition? Is she hiding something from me and her family?” Sungmin’s question made Donghae silent for a moment. “Ambulance is here!” shouted Jung Soo from the entrance. Sungmin attention got attract by the several people from the ambulance, making Donghae relieved a little. “Lets talk at the hospital shall we?” said Donghae afterward while they were walking behind the ambulance men after Sunny being put on the ambulance stretcher.




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