[Part 2 of 3] Evening Sky – The Promise



  • Lee Sungmin
  • Lee Sunkyu – Sunny SNSD
  • Lee HyunAe
  • Ailee Lee
  • Other hidden cast


“Wake up, Sunny-ah! Wake up!” shouted Tiffany, holding Sunny on her arms while the others were panic looking for doctor. Sungmin run passing the crowd fast and looking at the Sunny’s pale face in shocked. “Donghae-ssi! Please check her condition!” shouted Sungmin to Donghae that tried to passing the crowd. After break free, Donghae was going down to check Sunny’s breath and her pulse. “Bring her to the hospital now. I’ll tell the hospital right away.” Donghae instructed. “I… I’ll call the ambulance,” said Taeyeon. She then took her phone from her purse and dialed the ambulance number right away while Donghae called the hospital right away.

Tiffany was passing Sunny to Sungmin. “Will she be alright?” asked Tiffany worriedly. “She’s strong. She’ll be alright,” answered Sungmin with a forced smile. Donghae walked back to them after a few minute. “I’ve called the hospital and Ailee too. Ailee and HyunAe will go to the hospital right away.” Donghae explained.

“Why are you calling them too?” asked Sungmin curiously. “I think they should now about her real condition too other than you.” “Her real condition? Is she hiding something from me and her family?” Sungmin’s question made Donghae silent for a moment. “Ambulance is here!” shouted Jung Soo from the entrance. Sungmin attention got attract by the several people from the ambulance, making Donghae relieved a little. “Lets talk at the hospital shall we?” said Donghae afterward while they were walking behind the ambulance men after Sunny being put on the ambulance stretcher.



Ailee and HyunAe were arrived at the hospital 30 minutes later. They were asking a nurse at the front office before they were walking rush to the room that Sunny was taken. Outside the room, Donghae and Sungmin were currently talking about something that made Sungmin’s face remain shock for awhile. Donghae looked to the two girls that were just arrived near them. Sungmin turn his head to look toward them also with a sad look. Donghae released a deep breath beside Sungmin and pat his shoulder while walking approaching the two.


“Good evening, I’m Sunny’s personal doctor, Lee Donghae.” “Since when Sunny has her own personal doctor?” asked Ailee unbelievable. “Since she was sick?” HyunAe’s word made Donghae looked curious at her. “What kind of sick did you know? A normal one? A serious one?” Donghae questioned HyunAe with many question at once while Ailee was looking at her curiously. “Cancer?” Ailee whisper suddenly while remembering what happen at the house before.


Ailee was taking the paper that was on HyunAe’s hand and opened it. “You shouldn’t barging into someone’s room when the owner isn’t around. You will be called thief you know.” “Now you are in Sunny onnie room too. People can call you a thief too you know.” She tried to defend herself eventhough Ailee didn’t listen to her. Her expression went shock and pale suddenly. “Onnie…are you alright?” asked HyunAe felt a little panic after noticing about Ailee’s expression. “Onnie..?”


Ailee just finished read the paper and remain silent for awhile. She sat alone at the living room while HyunAe was drinking a glass of water. She was watching Ailee from far as she put the glass on the table. She gave a deep breath. “Sunny onnie, you are really…”


Suddenly, phone near the living room were ringing. Sunny still remain silent on her seat. HyunAe decided to pick up the call. It was from Donghae who told them to go to the hospital since there were something was coming up with Sunny. After HyunAe closed the call, she went to Sunny and telling her about what happen. Ailee was shocked and went to her room to get ready while HyunAe didn’t prepare anything for herself and just waiting for Ailee at the living room, since her jacket was on a chair in the kitchen.


On the way to the hospital, they were taking a taxi. Both of them remained silent, only the sound from taxi’s radio went loud inside. HyunAe took a glance at Ailee that was kept looking to the window with her hand was holding each other as it was praying.


‘Was I not taking good care of her?’ Ailee’s thought all the way since after she read the paper on the Sunny’s room.


“Ailee-ssi,” called Donghae suddenly. “Please come to my office now.” Donghae led the way to his room while HyunAe was dragging Ailee along by pulling her hand. Sungmin just remain silent when he saw the girls were passing by in front of him. He was watching them walked away with a worried thought. “Will they will be fine after hearing about it?” mumbled Sungmin.




“Please take a seat.” Donghae walked straight to his chair at his room while HyunAe and Ailee were following him to seat in front of him. “I think that you two already know that Sunny-ssi already have a cancer.” Donghae tried to open the conversation between them. “It is a brain cancer that she currently had now. It seems that she was too late for the treatment,” explained Donghae. “What do you mean by late? She can be normal like before right?” asked Ailee hoping that Sunny can be healthy again.


“I hope I can help her, but it’s already on the fourth stadium. I don’t think she will have a long life.” Donghae sighed after explained about the things. “5 years ago, I already suggested to her actually, to let you all know about her condition. It was still the first stadium and the chance to be cured was high. She said that she didn’t want to take any treatment and just go with medicine. So I gave her some painkiller.” Donghae took a copy of recipe paper that she gave to Sunny 5 years ago and gave it to Ailee to take a look at it.


“She take that medicine until now. Eventhough I already remind her to tell her condition to you guys.” Hearing Donghae explanation, made Ailee burst to cry. HyunAe turn her head to Ailee and tried to calm her onnie.


“Is there anything to make Sunny onnie alright, doctor Donghae?” asked HyunAe with a sad tone. “Give her all of your love and she will be fine until her last day.” Donghae answered. “What do you mean by her last day, huh?” Ailee was suddenly raging to Donghae. She stood and grabbed Donghae collar angrily. HyunAe tried her best to pull Ailee’s hand from Donghae’s collar but Ailee strength was unbelievable strong. “Onnie, please calm yourselves. It won’t change a thing, onnie.”


“So you want to see Sunny die just like that?” Ailee shouted angrily to HyunAe. “Don’t you have any feeling to your onnie?” Ailee complained. “Explained it to me, doctor Donghae. What do you mean by Sunny last day? Tell me!” Ailee grabbed tighter than before and made HyunAe hard to pull her hand. “I just examine her before you two arrive, and I just verdict her with 1 month to live.”


Sungmin was barging in when he saw what happen between Ailee and Donghae. HyunAe was calling Sungmin for help her pull Ailee’s hand from Donghae and after a few second Ailee was sitting on her seat with Sungmin grabbed her hand while Donghae at the other side tried to relaxed his neck after what happen to him.


“Ailee-ssi, you should accept these things. I know its hard for you. But you still have HyunAe-ssi to take care of.” Sungmin said. “You can still give your love to Sunny until her last day.” Sungmin tried to cheer Ailee up. Ailee burst into her tears again. This time was louder that before. HyunAe tried to look strong when she was watching Ailee crying. Donghae walked approaching HyunAe and pat her shoulder. “You should take care of your onnie more, HyunAe-ssi. They need your energy to live up the house.” Donghae smiled a little to HyunAe and got a sad smile from HyunAe.


Sungmin release his hand from grabbing Ailee’s hand since Ailee’s hand getting weak because of the sadness that she felt. “Lets look at Sunny in her room now. I bet she was already awake.” Sungmin said while looking at HyunAe and Ailee alternately. HyunAe nodded answered it. “Sungmin oppa is right onnie. Lets go look Sunny onnie now.” HyunAe grabbed Ailee’s weak hand and made Ailee look at her with her wet eyes. She nodded while kept looking at HyunAe and wipe her tears.




They were walking together to Sunny’s room through an empty corridor. Ailee still felt down so HyunAe still held her. Sungmin and Donghae walked in front of the girls. When they were arrived at the room’s door, Donghae opened the door and walked inside first while the others were following from the back. Sunny was still sleeping with her straight expression and pale face.


While they were close to the bed, Ailee stroke Sunny’s hair slowly so Sunny won’t wake up by the touch. Sungmin and Donghae stared to each other before they were walking outside the room. HyunAe eyes keep wandering around the room, watching every little thing that happened in the room.


Life is a miracle that you get as human. Once it ends, only darkness remains.


Sunny slowly wake up, made Ailee stop stroke her hair. Sunny that was shocked realizing that HyunAe and Ailee were there suddenly force herself to sat on the bed. “Onnie.” Sunny facing Ailee with a shock faces and then looked at HyunAe’s face. “HyunAe-ya.” Sunny looked around the room then looked again to Ailee.


“What happen to me?” asked Sunny confused. “Doctor Donghae called us and said that you went black out suddenly. So, me and Ailee onnie went to see you now.” HyunAe explained. “Are you alright, onnie?” asked HyunAe with a smiled. Ailee nodded on agreement and forced a smiled. “Do you feel any pain on your body, Sunny-ah?” Sunny shook her head and smile. “I’m alright, sorry to make both of you worry about me.” Sunny smiled to them and laughed a little.


On the other side, Donghae and Sungmin were standing and facing each other with a serious expression while they were talking. “She shouldn’t know that you already know about it, especially HyunAe and Ailee.” “Waeyo? Is it something can make her angry?” Sungmin found it weird. “Sunny doesn’t want anybody to know about it actually,” Donghae answered.


“Is she doesn’t know yet that her time is almost up?” asked Sungmin angrily to Donghae. “She can’t hide this until she die. What will Ailee and HyunAe do if suddenly Sunny is death in front of them without knowing the truth first,” added Sungmin with her hand on his waist. “I already told her before to let me inform you guys.” Donghae explained. “She just nodded and told me that she would told you at the party and her family after that.”


While Donghae and Sungmin were arguing, Sunny were talking to Ailee and HyunAe about what happen at the party. Sometimes they laughed at any funny story that Sunny shared. “Tiffany is the only one among the group that still hasn’t any boyfriend.” Sunny continued to gossip about random things. “You should love you boyfriend more since you already have it.” Ailee reminded. “I know, onnie. I’ll try to love him more in the future.” Sunny replied with a smile.


On the other hand, HyunAe was just leaning her back to the wall without saying anything when Sunny was sharing about couple of things. Eventhough she was looking straight to both of her onnie that was busy talking to each other cheerfully.


Something’s not right.


“Is that thing important, Sunny onnie?” HyunAe suddenly spook and made Sunny and Ailee startled a bit and looked at her with a blank expression. “Don’t you have anything important to tell us now?” “What are you talking about? Are you complaining about something?” Sunny felt irritate suddenly because of HyunAe attitude.


“Sunny-ah, you look fine now. Shall we go home now?” asked Ailee cut HyunAe next word and stood from her chair. “Onnie! Why you won’t tell us that you have cancer?” shouted HyunAe suddenly. Ailee and Sunny suddenly shock, mostly Sunny with her eyes opened really wide. Sunny looked at Ailee that suddenly looked down sadly.


“Who told you about that? How do you know about it?” asked Sunny still can’t believe that HyunAe asked her about cancer diseases.  HyunAe took something from her pants pocket and gave a folded paper to Sunny. “From here.” HyunAe answered while she hand it closer to Sunny that won’t dare to take and opened it. “It is your medical check-up report.” HyunAe said right after Sunny took the paper from her hand.


“How can you find this? Did you take something from my room secretly?” asked Sunny angrily and made her get up from bed and grabbed HyunAe’s shirt harshly. “Why are you angry to me suddenly?” asked HyunAe back without answering Sunny question first. “Don’t you ever think about how me and onnie feel after knowing about your condition?”  Slowly Sunny letting her hand off from HyunAe. Ailee was holding her tears back. “Can’t you two just stop talking about disease? Can’t we just go home now?” Sorrowful sound from Ailee made Sunny heart tore apart.


How can she just stay calm after knowing things?


“Kajja HyunAe-ya. Help you onnie walk so we can leave now.” Ailee forced a smile on her face while she was getting up from her seat and walking toward the door. Sunny just stared at Ailee’s back that keep leaving her and HyunAe behind. “I bet she can walk alone, onnie. Don’t you look at how strong she…”


Sungmin and Donghae were actually watching the scene since Sunny was grabbing HyunAe shirt. Ailee who just noticed their presence made her jaw dropped. HyunAe freeze on her position and Sunny was looking at them in shock. “Since you didn’t tell them before, I already told them in advance.” Donghae spoke with his straight expression. “You shouldn’t angry to them, Sunny-ah. HyunAe just try to be straight forward and Ailee just hides her sad feeling. Actually they were the one should angry to you.” Sungmin took a slight deep breath. “Including me, Sunny-ah””


“Sungmin-ah… I…” Sunny looked down and burst to tears several second later. “I’m sorry.” All of the eyes were looking straight at Sunny. HyunAe walked passing all persons in the room and coincidentally bumped into Sunny. She made Sunny almost fell to the floor if Sunny didn’t grab her blanket right away. “HyunAe-ya!” Ailee shouted but HyunAe just leave them like that.




The next day, Sungmin brought Sunny to the beach to talk eye to eye. Donghae took Ailee to home after Ailee took care of several things at the hospital while HyunAe was still nowhere to be seen. Sungmin put his jacket that he put on the car before around Sunny that still wearing the dress while Sungmin already changed from tuxedo to sweater. They remained silent to each other while they were walking on the white sand.


Sunny took a several glance to Sungmin that hasn’t letting out a single word since they arrived. Sungmin just looking straight to the front, thinking about what should he said first to Sunny. “I’m sorry.” Sunny break the ice around them with a sudden stop step. Sungmin stopped his step and looked at her at the back since he was a few step more than Sunny. “I should have told you all earlier.”


“Why you keep it as a secret to yourselves? Are we not close enough?” “It’s not like that.” Sunny forbear Sungmin question. “How about not telling HyunAe and Ailee in advance? Don’t you ever think about their feeling toward you,” Sungmin complained. “It’s like that you don’t trust me, even your family.”


“I just want don’t want you all to be sad and worry about me.” Sunny tried to explain her thought. “I know that the disease can make me gone anytime. So I was planning before to…” “To let us know once you were death?” Sungmin cut through Sunny words. Sungmin walked closer to Sunny and grabbed her waist pulling closer to him. Sunny startled and blushed when he saw Sungmin’s face closer.


“Listen to me. Don’t you ever dare to hide anything from me or your family, Sunny-ah. Eventhough we always busy, but we will be always stays by your side.” Sungmin explained. “Eventhough it’s hard for us to know about it, but we will be always holds your hand so you can be always happy and strong to surpass it.” Sunny was freezing in her position since she can’t talk anymore after heard what Sungmin told her.


“Now you should promise me one thing.” “What is it?” asked Sunny. “Don’t keep your feeling alone.” Sungmin said it while staring at Sunny’s eyes.”Whenever you are happy, whenever you are sad, I’ll be always hear it.” Sunny was nodding in reply of the answer. A few second later, they were kisiing.


The sun almost set down on the beach. Not far from their position, HyunAe was sit on the top of the sand mountain watching the couple kissing while enjoying the scenery.


As the sun went down

A couple has made their promise to each other

Will they keep their promise until the end?

Or one of them will betray it?




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