[Part 10] Girlfriend


Cast :

  • Kim Ryeowook
  • Cho Kyuhyun
  • Lee Sungmin
  • Ailee Lee
  • Tiffany Hwang
  • Lee HyunAe
  • Choi Sooyoung
  • Many Hidden Cast


Kyuhyun yang mendengar suara gelas pecah dari arah balkon, langsung berlari dan menghampiri Ryeowook yang sudah jatuh pingsan dengan tangan berdarah.

“Sungmin hyung! Yesung hyung! Ryeowook hyung pingsan!”



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[Part 2 of 3] Evening Sky – The Promise



  • Lee Sungmin
  • Lee Sunkyu – Sunny SNSD
  • Lee HyunAe
  • Ailee Lee
  • Other hidden cast


“Wake up, Sunny-ah! Wake up!” shouted Tiffany, holding Sunny on her arms while the others were panic looking for doctor. Sungmin run passing the crowd fast and looking at the Sunny’s pale face in shocked. “Donghae-ssi! Please check her condition!” shouted Sungmin to Donghae that tried to passing the crowd. After break free, Donghae was going down to check Sunny’s breath and her pulse. “Bring her to the hospital now. I’ll tell the hospital right away.” Donghae instructed. “I… I’ll call the ambulance,” said Taeyeon. She then took her phone from her purse and dialed the ambulance number right away while Donghae called the hospital right away.

Tiffany was passing Sunny to Sungmin. “Will she be alright?” asked Tiffany worriedly. “She’s strong. She’ll be alright,” answered Sungmin with a forced smile. Donghae walked back to them after a few minute. “I’ve called the hospital and Ailee too. Ailee and HyunAe will go to the hospital right away.” Donghae explained.

“Why are you calling them too?” asked Sungmin curiously. “I think they should now about her real condition too other than you.” “Her real condition? Is she hiding something from me and her family?” Sungmin’s question made Donghae silent for a moment. “Ambulance is here!” shouted Jung Soo from the entrance. Sungmin attention got attract by the several people from the ambulance, making Donghae relieved a little. “Lets talk at the hospital shall we?” said Donghae afterward while they were walking behind the ambulance men after Sunny being put on the ambulance stretcher.


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