[Chapter 2 – Part 1] Letter from the Past

Letter from the Past


  • Choi Minho
  • Kasumi Arimura
  • Lee Taemin
  • Ayame Shinjo (OC)
  • Other hidden casts

Letter from the Past - chapter 2.jpg


Taemin walked closer to Ayame that was still amused with the flower. Taemin clear his throat loudly and made Ayame turn her head to Taemin. She was shocked to saw Taemin and gave him a slight bow with her head down avoiding Taemin’s face.


“Get your head up, Ayame-san.” Taemin smiled a little when he looked around. “Its only us in here. No one will blame you for looking at my face now.” Ayame tried to look at Taemin face after Taemin instructed her to. Ayame saw Taemin’s face and gave him an awkward smile. “I understand, Prince Taemin-ssi.”


“Woa! You’ve learned!” Taemin was amazed after hearing her called him Taemin-ssi. “Is someone teaching you about the west language?” asked Taemin curiously. “My roommate teaches me about it,” answered Ayame. “I’m still learning about it though.”


“How about I teach you to write and speak in west language?” Taemin offered with the east language and made Ayame shock heard it. “Prince Taemin can speak my language too?” asked Ayame unbelievable. Taemin nodded and smiled proudly. “Someone teach me when I was little.” “So, do you want?” asked Taemin again. “Is it okay to be around close to someone like me, Prince?” asked Ayame with uneasy feeling. She thought that something bad will be happen if she took the offer. But at the same, she thought, if she didn’t take it, Taemin will do something bad to get her a punishment.


“Are you scared something bad will be happened to you?” Taemin looked at Ayame who nodded giving him an answer. “Don’t worry about anything. I’ll take all the blame.” Taemin pointed his finger to himself. “I can’t let Prince take all the blame because of me. Its my fault if something happen to you too, Prince,” said Ayame who not agree. “You are thinking about me too? Do you love me?” asked Taemin suddenly and made her eyes wide in shock. “You had big eyes, Ayame-san.” Taemin compliment her. “I take it as a yes. So you must let me teach you about west language then.” Taemin smiled like he just won the arguing while Ayame looked down to the ground.


Taemin took a step to get closer to Ayame. Ayame realized about it and took a step back everytime Taemin took a step closer to her. Coincidentally, Ayame tripped of because she stepped on her hanbok and closed her eyes with her hand tried to grasp the ground. She almost fell to the back, but Taemin hold her waist fast before it happen. Their faces were really close. Taemin was staring to Ayame’s eyes that suddenly opened in shock so Ayame stared at his eyes too.


As they were staring to each other eye, it felt like time has stopped suddenly. They were freezing in their current position for a few minute.


From far Taeyong and Jeno were watching the couple secretly from a tree that far from the garden. Taeyeong pull out first from his peeking position. “My guess was right then.” He mumbled with his thinking posture. Jeno pull out next and looked at Taeyeong confusedly. “Will they be alright if mother and father now about it? Taemin hyung can get expelled from the palace.” Jeno worried. “He the one who start it first. So he should be the one who end it.” Taeyeong answered and put both of his hand on the back and walked away, leaving Jeno behind. Jeno let out a sigh and following Taeyeong from behind.



Minho just finished for his schedule. He was currently watching a soccer channel on television in the living room alone. Jonghyun was busy on his studio and Kibum was going shopping with some friend. Eventhough his eyes was watching a match, but his brain and heart were wandering around. His brain was still thinking about his meeting with the girl the interview him on the last photoshoot.


On the other hand, Kasumi was busy typing the interview result from before. It was already night, even Sugihara Oto already left the office several hour ago. She leaned back to stretch her rigid body and relaxing her eyes from monitor light. The coldness of the room and a glass of warm coffee were accompanying her to finish the article so she can send it right away.


Her thought was wandering around. She was still remembering how clumsy Minho was in front of her when doing the interview. ‘It feels weird but he makes me happy.’ She thought with a smile on her face as she was looking to the monitor, seeing the unfinished article in front of her.


“So, what is tomorrow schedule?” Kasumi grabbed a paper on her desk and read it. She let out a sigh after seeing the schedule.


7 – 11 a.m. Pizza CF

1 – 4 p.m. Ice Cream CF

5 – 9 p.m. Agency’s party


“Why should I follow them at their agency’s party?” She massages her forehead. She felt a little dizzy and tired at the same time. “Boss should give me free time after this month end.” She mumbled while stretching her body again from the chair. She threw the schedule paper to the table.


“I wish to just let me married someone rich so I won’t tired like this.” She was looking to the outside through the glassy window. There were many stars that shone so bright. The moon was being covered by the cloud that flying around in the sky. “I should finish this first before I pack my thing.” Kasumi back to her keyboard to finished her article. A few minute later, she sent the article to the editor and went back home to pack her things for her trip.




There were so many reporters waiting in front of a place that a shooting will be hold. Kasumi was arriving late and made her stand on the back of the crowded entrance. “I shouldn’t wake up late anymore.” She grumbled to herself with a regretful feeling. “How I can take their photo cleanly?” She walked back and forth thinking a way to capture a nice picture of the idols.


A few second later, a black van was coming and parked in front of the place. The guard took a step to guard the idol that will be coming out from the car while the reporters were getting ready to capture the moment. Kasumi was running in rush without thinking about anything more. She rushed to the front like a spear, breaking through the crowd and took out her camera from her side.


The security guards were pushing the reporters that were really disorganized. The van door was opened. Minho, Jonghyun and Kibum were getting out one by one and walked to the door. Minho eyes were capturing Kasumi presence that was behind the security guard. Kasumi was able to take a few nice photos of them but suddenly someone pushed her and made her almost fall to the ground.


Before she hit the ground, someone pull her from the crowd avoiding her from being stepped by another reporter. It felt like time was freezing when Kasumi and Minho had an eye contact with a showered of flash light of the camera to them.


“Are you alright?” asked Minho worried. Kasumi nodded awkwardly and then took a step back. “Thank you for saving me.” Kasumi slightly bow and Minho gave Kasumi an innocent smile. “Take care.” Minho walked catching up with the other that already went inside first.


“What a lucky girl,” said one of male reporters. “Or should I say what a nice move to make a gossip.” He added with a sly smile. Then he walked away leaving the place to the nearest coffee shop. Kasumi suddenly feeling uneasy after hearing about that, she then checked the photo that she took before on her camera. Luckily the photo came out nicely so she didn’t need to grumpy all along the way to the next stop.


She was waiting for a taxi on a bus stop. It was 3 building away from before. A man wearing a casual cloth approached her and called her suddenly. “Are you Kasumi-san?” asked that man out of the blue. “Can I help you?” asked Kasumi directly. “If not really important, I’m sorry but I’m currently busy.” She added. “Can you please follow me for a moment? I promise to take you to your next stop.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her along. She pulled her hand away and stared at the man. “What do you want from me?” asked her as she felt a little scared. “Someone want to talk to you. I bet you can get nice news from that person.” He answered. He then pulled Kasumi right away and Kasumi was forced to follow the man.


He brought her back to the photoshoot place that Luminous, the boy group name, were currently taking. Kasumi pulled her hand from that man harshly. She took a step back and the man who pulled her hand before was staring at her. “Why are you brings me here?” asked Kasumi. “Someone wants to meet you, Kasumi-san.” The man walked to door and opened the door, inviting her to get inside to the building with him. Eventhough she was feeling scared and uneasy, she followed him and walked inside to the builing.


The reporter man from before was watching her to everything that currently happen all along. She took a few pictures as evidences, since he thought it could be a very good news or gossip for him. He giggled secretly while checking the photo that he took nicely.




Inside the building, there were several studio doors in the corridor. The man walked straight to a door at the end of the corridor and opened it. Kasumi just followed him with an uneasy feeling. “I should have not following him.” She mumbled to herself. When the man already walked toward someone that currently having make up, she remained standing while peeking from the door.


Many people go back and forth preparing the set of the CF. The man from before approaching Kasumi. “Please follow me. I won’t hold your hand anymore.” He was leading the way to meet another man. From far Kasumi can seeing Minho closer and closer as she stepped following the man.


“Here is she, Minho-ssi. I will go checking the set” The man then walked away after that. “Gomawo hyung.” Minho shouted with a smirk on his face. “You are the reporter from before, right? I want to have another interview like before. Can I?” asked Minho suddenly to Kasumi. While Kasumi still trying to figuring out what happen. “Another interview?” asked Kasumi confused.


“Do you mean repeating the interview?” Kibum spoke out from Minho right side. He was currently having make up too along with Jonghyun. “You shouldn’t make a girl confused, Minho-ya.” Jonghyun spoke out too suddenly. “Please take your moment, Kasumi-san.” Both of them said it altogether.




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