[Chapter 1 – Part 1] Letter from the Past

Letter from the Past


  • Choi Minho
  • Kasumi Arimura
  • Lee Taemin
  • Ayame Shinjo (OC)
  • Other hidden casts


A 20 year-old-girl was walking on the street rapidly to the train station. Once she arrived, she run right away to the gate. She rush passing several people and run to the train door, luckily she still got a chance to hop on. A few second later, the train door closed and the train started to move. She sighed with relief and sat on a passenger seat near her standing position.

On the same time, at the different country, a concert was about to begin on a dome. It was a national concert and was attend by a famous idol star from the country. There weren’t any empty seat on audience seat. It was 1 PM and the concert was started. A loud scream from the fans from every corner can be heard at every side of the dome. As for the opening ceremony, a special dance break will be performed by 2 men.

The light showered the stage with its brightness and 2 men appeared from bottom of the stage with a level. They were wearing black and white shirt on each other with rip jeans and a pair of sneaker on their feet. They were dancing beastly to the rhythm and the scream got bigger than before as they calling their idol that currently dancing on the stage.

Choi Minho! Kim Ki Bum!



We’re entering Rosa City. Repeat, we’re entering Rosa City.


The sound from the speaker on the wagon can be heard clearly since there weren’t many people on that time. The girl that wearing casual uniform from before were getting ready to getting off from the train. Right after she stepped out from the train, she run rapidly and leaving the train station to her office.

“You’re late again, Arimura-san. How many times that I should remind you?” a manager of a journalism office was scolding a girl with the casual uniform that looks like 20 year-old-girl. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Mr. Tachibana. My train was coming late.” The girl, Kasumi Arimura, hope that her excuse will be accepted by her manager. “Yesterday, you said to me that you helping your parent to bought groceries from the store. 2 days ago, you told me that you accompany your aunt to the hospital.” Said the manager telling Kasumi all of her excuses that she already told him before with unhappy tone. “What excuses will you tell me tomorrow? Huh?”

“I’m sorry. I won’t be late again tomorrow.” Said Kasumi along with a slightly bow to Mr. Tachibana. After a few minute on the manager office room, Kasumi went to her desk at the reporter section. She threw herself to the chair and her bag on an empty space on the table with a relief sighed.

“I hope he wouldn’t scold you again tomorrow, Arimura-san,” said her co-worker that sat on her right side. “Why you always get him angry on you every month?” she complained. “It’s not like I’m planning about my lateness, you know?” trying to convince her friend.

“Ah! Is there any upcoming event this month, Sugihara-san?” Kasumi changing the topic back to the work matter. “Well there are some events that will be held this month on Affeto City.” Her co-worker, Sugihara Oto, went back to her desk and searching something from the pile of the report and random paper on her desk near her computer. Later, she gave Kasumi a paper that contained a list of the event on Affeto City. “Mr. Tachibana told me to give you this an hour ago. It seems that you will be busy this month,” said Oto as she gave Kasumi that paper that contained the list.

Kasumi read it for awhile after receiving the paper and giving Oto a burden sighed after that. “I think he really hate me because I’m coming late sometimes.” “Well, you should show him your skill. So he won’t angry to you anymore,” Oto tried to cheer her up. “Let’s eat dinner together later.” Oto gave Kasumi a smile before she got back to work. “Okay.” Answered Kasumi to Oto right before she began to research her work and getting prepared for her field work.


Its already 6 o’clock on the evening and Kasumi still busy with a bunch of paper work on her desk. While she was just done stacking another report on a tower of report, Oto was walking approaching her with her ready-to-go-home gaze. “Still busy Arimura-san?” asked her while looking to the tower. “Just finished with the last report. Lets go home!” answerred Kasumi with  a tired tone. She grabbed her bag from the table, fixing her shoes and stand up from her seat.

“Let me go to the toilet first.” “Let me accompany you then.” They leave Kasumi desk and went to the toilet near the lift. Kasumi walked straight to the toilet stall once they enter the restroom, while Oto was fixing her hair and her lipstick a little. “Ah at last.” Said Kasumi loudly. Oto giggled hearing what Kasumi said. “Even its hard for you to go to the toilet, huh?” “Yeah, you’re right.” Said Kasumi as she walked to wash her hand afterward.

“About that event at Affeto city, I must say that you are lucky to get that job assigne to you.” “Why?” asked Kasumi curiously. “That was just a schedule of an idol grup that I must follow for a month.” Added Kasumi. “There are so many girl reporter asking the boss for that job. That idol grup is really famous you know. Even kids and oldies are love them very much.” Oto explained. Kasumi release a deep sighed.

“I understand.”


3 boys were sleeping on the back seat in a van. They just finished their concert an hour ago. Their manager was seating beside the driver while looking at their schedule for the next day. The van was going to a basement of an apartment which the dorm located. The manager turned his head around and seeing that one of them already awake.

“Hey, Minho-ya! Wake up the other. We already arrived.” Said the manager and got a slow nod as a reply from Minho. He looked at the other two and pushed their arm one by one slowly. “Hey Jonghyun hyung, Kibum-ah! Wake up! Lets moved to our dorm,” said Minho.

The manager opened the sliding van door and Minho get out unbalance from the car. He grabbed Minho’s arm and held him from falling. The driver was waking up the other member while the manager took Minho first to the lift. A few minutes later, the other two were waking up and slowly catching up Minho and their manager that still waiting for the lift.

“You can continue to sleep at your room, but don’t forget to wake up early tomorrow since you have a photoshoot for a magazine,” said him. The three of them were nodding slowly together answering it.


The next day, Kasumi arrived at 8 o’clock in the morning on a studio. It was owned by a company, special for photoshoot. When she walked inside, there were several people that were busy preparing the set and the wardrobe. Several people greet her while she was sightseeing around the studio. After 30 minute, she sat down at a sofa at the make-up room and preparing her item for interviewing later.

At the other side, a van was entering the parking lot that located on the studio’s basement. Inside the van, three men at the passenger seat were talking about jokes while the other two at the front were busy with their own business. After the car has been finished park at its place, the man at the right looked to the back. “Okay guys, we’ve been arrived!” said him looking at the three. Later, he got out from the car and opened the back door. The three got out from the car one by one and walked to the nearest stair behind them.

“They’ve arrived!” shout one of the crew outside the make-up room. Greeting can be heard outside the room. Kasumi was wearing the earphone and reading news from her mobile phone while there were loud noises outside the room. The make-up artist shook Kasumi upper arm a little to gain her attention and told her about the arrival.

After knowing from the make-up artist, she put her earphone and her mobile phone on her bag. While she was busy putting her things inside, the make-up room door was opened and slowly they entered the room and greeted people there, including Kasumi.


Minho, Jonghyun and Kibum were greeting all the staff together on the set once they arrived from the basement. They looked around as they walked right to the make-up room to getting prepared for the photoshoot. Jonghyun was the first one arrived to the make-up room while Kibum was the second and Minho was the last one.

While Jonghyun and Kibum were still greeting the other staff, Minho was kept staring to a girl that wearing a semi-formal suit eventhough she didn’t look at him. Kibum turned his head to Minho and shocked him, making Minho startled. “What are you looking at?” asked Kibum while gazing to the direction that Minho was looking. Minho shook his head and walking weirdly to a chair in front if the mirror, getting ready to get a make-up.

While Minho was getting his make up ready for the photoshoot, Jonghyun was getting an interview from Kasumi on the sofa. Minho kept looking to Kasumi from the mirror. Kasumi didn’t notice about it and keep interviewing Jonghyun. Kibum who was sat next right from Minho was reading a fashion magazine focusly.

“You’re make up are done.” Said the stylist to Minho. Minho get up from his seat and going to the wardrobe to change his cloth. Kibum was getting his make up ready while Jonghyun just finished the interview. Kasumi was waiting for Minho. After a few minute, Minho was done with his cloth.

“Minho-san, now is your turn for the interview.”

Gulp. Minho walked nervously approaching Kasumi. He sat and tried to make himself relax. “Okay, I’m ready.” Kasumi smiled to Minho once and look back to her notebook that contain list of the question. Minho was feeling nervous when he was getting an interview with Kasumi. Jonghyun was currently playing his handphone when he noticed about Minho from the mirror in front. He giggled silently and back to play his phone again.

A few minute later, Kibum finished with his make up and changed his cloth. Jonghyun was the last to get his make up ready. Minho interview was taking too long because there were several question that Minho should answerred repeat since he was keep making mistake. “Minho-ya, don’t make trouble.” Commented Jonghyun with a laugh. “Ah hyung, you make me forget about the answer,” shouted Minho angrily and made Kasumi burst to laugh. Kibum that got out fast was confused with the situation. “Why are you taking so long? I haven’t get my interview yet.” Kibum was complaining and sat behind next to Minho.

“I’m sorry,” Kasumi slightly bow to Kibum. “Its final question now.” “What is your ideal type for girlfriend?” asked Kasumi. Minho eyes getting wide in shock and made him nervous silently. “Ya! Just answer fastly!”

“Someone who was smart and kind.” Answerred Minho randomly. Kasumi was writing the question right away. “Okay, done!” Kasumi look back to Minho after that. Kasumi was staring at Minho and made them freeze for a moment.

“have we met before?”

“You look so familiar”


“Its my turn now.” Kibum pushed Minho harshly, making Minho closer to Kasumi. Kasumi sat back a little while Minho was getting closer. Minho got up from his seat and walked out from the room.

“Ya! Whats wrong with him today?” said Jonghyun. “Its not like him.” Kibum shook his head. “Maybe he just lack of sleep.” Kasumi look to the door direction slightly before began to interview Kibum.


Minho went to the bathroom that located beside the make up room. Minho was looking at the mirror. “Whats wrong with me..?” asked Minho to himself. Then, he washed his hand slowly. He took a deep breath and began to think. “Am I love her at the first sight?”

“Minho-ya!” shouted Kibum loudly. Minho was turning his gaze to the door and replying the shout. “I’m coming!” Then, he walked approaching Kibum that already on the set with Jonghyun. Kibum kept grumbling until the photographer told them to get ready.



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