[Teaser] Letter from The Past

Letter from the Past


  • Choi Minho
  • Kasumi Arimura
  • Lee Taemin
  • Ayame Shinjo (OC)
  • Other hidden cast


I never thought that everything will end up like this

I thought that everything will be alright if I leave you

But I was so wrong


A 20 year-old-girl is walking through on the sand at the beach. She is walking really slowly and her face is facing the sand, looking at her feet that is sometimes got sink on the sand. She takes a deep breath and seeing a clear blue sky above her. Seeing the sun that is always watching her from far, really shining until make her covering half of her eyes when she seeing that.


When she is enjoying her walk on seaside as she sees the clear and beautiful water of the sea, on the other side someone is walking too and is walking toward her. But she doesn’t notice that other person and keep walking, while the other people is stopping and seeing her for his standing position.




She turns around when she hear someone call her name. Their eyes meet each other. And it becomes a long silence after that. They just keep staring at each other with an unbelievable feeling.






Hello author Shining Princess here

this is just another project that i will make in English

so please look forward to this beautiful story

Don’t forget to leave your comment on every story that you’ve already read


Thank you very much for all of your support until now 😀


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