[Oneshot] A Christmas Story – Ryeowook Love Story



Hello ^^

this is my first oneshot  fanfiction english story that I ever make

I’m just a beginner on making an english story

so If I write it wrong please let me know, ne ^^


Hope You Like It ^^


Cast :

  • Kim Ryeowook
  • Tiffany Hwang

It is a cold night in a winter day. Snowflakes is falling down to the earth like biscuit that was being poured from a cereal box. It is a really cold night. A man is walking in the middle of a crowded street, wearing a brown jacket that was long; that can cover his red t-shirt and blue jeans; with a pair of gloves on his hand, a pair of black boots on his feet, a black glasses on his eyes and a mouth mask make people around him can’t recognise him as someone famous.

He’s going to a store that sell many christmas gift, he buy a christmas snow globe and cover it with a red wrapping paper that has a lovely picture on it. After finish with his business there, he coming out from that store with carrying a brown paper bag that contain a gift that he bought before. He is smiling when he knew that he already had a gift for someone special. And now he walking through the street to a place where he already make an appointment there with someone special.

It was Christmas

That make us together



A man was sitting alone on a bench in the backyard of a building, wearing a jacket to made him warm in the winter. His friend were all busy at that time, eventhough it was Christmas but their schedule is too tight so they can’t gather on Christmas time.

“annyeong haseyo Ryeowook oppa” a girl was calling him from near, she’s tall and very beautiful wearing a white jacket that cover her dress, a pair of brown boots, a pair of white gloves and a jeans. “what are you doing here?” asked that girl. “I’m just waiting for my manager, Fany-ah” Ryeowook answered. “what are you doing here?” asked Ryeowook back.

“I see you from the window there” answered her while pointing from a window from a dance practice. “aren’t you feel cold out here, oppa?” Tiffany took a sit beside Ryeowook. “well, I already told manager hyung to meet here” Ryeowook answered. “just wait inside the building, oppa. I’ll tell someone around here to tell manager hyung that you’re inside the building later”

Tiffany stood up and face Ryeowook. “come on, oppa. Lets wait inside” Tiffany grabbed Ryeowook hands and drag him to went inside the building with her. Ryeowook seems shock when Tiffany grab his hand, but in the end, he just followed Tiffany from behind.


Ryeowook followed Tiffany to a lounge inside the building. There’s no one other than Ryeowook and Tiffany there. “why are you alone? Where’s the other?” asked Ryeowook sitting on a couch, mentioning to Taeyeon and the other member. “they will come soon. They said snow make road really slippery, so they must really be careful by going with a low speed” answered Tiffany.

“do you want drink something, oppa?” asked Tiffany. ‘it seems that she want to went to the pantry’ he thought. “I’ll go with you then” Ryeowook stood up from the couch but Tiffany pushed him again to sit, forbid him to go with her. “Don’t get up” said Tiffany loud. After hearing what  Tiffany said, Ryeowook try to sit comfortable. “I’ll make it for you, you must be cold after waiting for manager hyung so long before” said Tiffany. After said that, Tiffany went to the pantry without asking Ryeowook any more about what drink he want. Without even realizing that, Ryeowook just sat there in silent, waiting for Tiffany to comeback from pantry.


After waited for several minutes, Tiffany back with two cup of hot chocolate in her hand. When he look that Tiffany is having a little difficulty with the door, Ryeowook stood up and helping Tiffany open the door. “thank you, Ryeowook oppa” said Tiffany with a smiling on her face.

“here you go” Tiffany gave Ryeowook a cup of hot chocolate, right after Ryeowook closed the door. “Thank you” Ryeowook took and drank it slowly. They sat on a couch side by side while they enjoying their hot chocolate.

Suddenly, Tiffany handphone ringing. She got message from Taeyeon that suddenly they can’t come because of a traffic jam, and manager decided to took them home. ‘how can I go back to dorm, then?’ said Tiffany sadly inside her heart.

“are you okay?” asked Ryeowook when he knew that Tiffany expression suddenly changed. “I don’t know how to get back to dorm, oppa. There’s a traffic jam on a way to go here, so its impossible for them to go here” Tiffany explained. “and for me too, to back to dorm” added Tiffany with a low and sad tone.

‘traffic jam? I wonder if manager hyung can pick me up later’ he thought. A minute later, his phone ringing. He got a message from his manager that he can’t come to pick him because of a traffic jam. “I guess we have a same problem, Tiffany-ah” said Ryeowook after he read his message and he put his phone back on his jeans pocket.

“huh?” “well…” Ryeowook explained about his condition too now. Tiffany nodded after heard what Ryeowook told her. “now, what should we do, Ryeowook oppa?” asked Tiffany, staring her leg without any attention to it.  “lets walk around, Fany-ah” said Ryeowook. He grabbed Tiffany left hand and hold it tight, he went through the door and started touring the building together.

They went touring that quiet building together. They looked happy together. They’re smiling, laughing, and joking to each other. It seems that they already forgot about what happen actually to them. They spent much time together, its like only them who exist at that current time. Some of employment who saw them are gossip, some of them were ignoring them.


“Christmas…” said Tiffany with a low tone while watching the falling snowflakes from the window. Ryeowook was back to the lounge first to rest, while Tiffany still wandering around the building around “ah I almost forgot” Tiffany ran to a practice room and take something from her bag that she put it before. After took a gift, covered by a blue wrapping paper with a snowflakes on it. She then took it with her and went to Ryeowook at the lounge.

Ryeowook was playing a game at his handphone seriously while Tiffany approached him without he oblivious her. Tiffany made Ryeowook shock by showed him a gift right in front of his eyes and made his handphone half covered by it. “woa~!” shout Ryeowook shocked, looking at Ryeowook expression that were cute and funny at the same time, made Tiffany laugh because of it.

“For me?” asked Ryeowook stare at Tiffany face and made her little blush on her cheek. “ne…” said Tiffany shy. “Merry Christmas, Ryeowook oppa” added Tiffany while pushed the gift closer to Ryeowook. Ryeowook grabbed that gift and took it from Tiffany hand. “Thank You Tiffany” said Ryeowook gratefully and without any hesitation he opened the gift right away.

It was a scarf, a handmade pearl blue scarf. Ryeowook looks very happy when he saw it, he wear it right away and try to look at a window that can reflect like a mirror. “woa~ gomawo Fany-ah” said Ryeowook happily while turn around but Tiffany wasn’t there. He look around for her, while he’s at it, he found a letter. It seems that Tiffany who left it there for Ryeowook.

Ryeowook took that letter, he opened it and read it inside his heart.

To Ryeowook oppa

Everytime I see you around, my eyes can’t stop looking at you and I can’t control my heartbeat too. Everytime I see you smiling, its like an angel who smile upon me. Eventhough you’re far from me, but I always believe that you’re always beside me. Support me and always smile from far to make me happy.

I Love You, Kim Ryeowook
I hope you like my present that I made myself with all my heart to you.

Tiffany Hwang

Ryeowook folded that letter and put it inside his jacket pocket. He sat on a couch on that lounge and thinking in silent, about Tiffany confession. What should he do? Accept her or…

“ah I know!!!” said Ryeowook suddenly. He had an idea how to reply Tiffany. He thinking about the plan to reply Tiffany.

Can’t wait until next year Christmas~



And now, Ryeowook is waiting from someone at the same spot like last year, lounge at that building, waiting for Tiffany to come. He already send her a message before to Tiffany. Holding a paper bag behind him, try to hide it with his back.

After waiting for some time, Tiffany show up from the door. Both of them wearing the same cloth like before, is like a coincidence from before. Tiffany slowly approach Ryeowook who stand up near a couch in that lounge.

“annyeong Ryeowook oppa” Tiffany calls Ryeowook with a smile on her face. “do you need something from me?” add Tiffany asks for a reason why Ryeowook called her.

“For you” says Ryeowook while showing Tiffany a paper bag from behind him. “really?” Ryeowook nods answer it. “thank you, Ryeowook oppa” says Tiffany with a gentle smile. “can I open it?” asks Tiffany impatient. “sure, open it” says Ryeowook with a happy face.

Tiffany took something from inside the paper bag and open the wrapping paper which wrap it nicely. After take some time, she sees a beautiful christmas snow globe inside it. It is a very beautiful christmas snow globe that she ever see.


“do you like it?” asks Ryeowook curiously. “I’m really like it, oppa” says Tiffany happily. “and I want to tell you something Tiffany-ah” says Ryeowook with a serious tone. Tiffany looks Ryeowook right in his eyes. “ne?”

They look to each other right to the eyes, suddenly the atmosphere change around them. Ryeowook walks approaching Tiffany and hug her.

I Love You Tiffany-ah

Tiffany smile when she hear it and reply Ryeowook hugs while keep holding the present.

I Love You too, Ryeowook oppa

^o^ Fin ^o^

Thank You for Read This

Kamsahamnida ^^


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  1. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

  2. I loved as much as you will receive carried out right here. The sketch is attractive, your authored material stylish. nonetheless, you command get bought an shakiness over that you wish be delivering the following. unwell unquestionably come more formerly again as exactly the same nearly very often inside case you shield this hike.

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